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What is the Next Big Collectible?

Many People try to predict what the next big collectible will be. Predictors may buy and horde all kinds of things; Hoping they will strike it rich sometime in the Future. Many times people who try to predict the next great collectible find later that they were wrong and have wasted their time and money. Most often they find out that their items are actually worth much less than when they purchased them. Meaning they have actually Lost Value.

With Collectibles Value is NOT Determined by How much you paid for an item when they first came out. It is also NOT determined by how Old an item is. I get people all the time bringing in items that are 50 or even 100 years old or more thinking that they are going to get a lot of money for it just because it is old. But, if no one is looking for that particular item then the age of the item in itself is meaningless. Rocks are millions of years old and you can find them everywhere. No one will give you anything for them.

There are several factors that determine the value of collectibles. One of the main factors in determining future value will be rarity. The more rare the item is the greater the potential future value. Example:  There is a Huge difference between a company making Millions of 1999 Collector Holiday Barbie Dolls, and say only 50 Super Limited Edition Signature Series Designer Barbie Dolls. When something is Mega-Rare, then high end collectors will pay almost any price to have that Ultra-Rare item to add to their collection.

Another Good indicator that will determine a collectibles future value would be Childhood Memories. Anything that brings back childhood memories will be almost always become collectible. Once a person gets older (age 35-55) many times they will start to feel sentimental about things they did and items they may have played with as a child. Many times an adult can simply see or hold an item that they used to play with as a child and they will have a rush of pleasant childhood memories come over them. This can Greatly Increase the Value of an Item. Many times older people will pay near any amount of money to relive a part of their childhood.

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