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Learn About the Value of Collectibles 

Collector’s Corner

At LVL Auctions in Las Vegas, Nevada, we make sure to pay fair prices for the collectible items that we buy. We base the amount on today's markets and current selling prices. Take the time to read our blog to learn how we determine the value of a collectible. We also offer some tips and advice to collectors and sellers.

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Scammers and Drug Addicts

Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2018 1:23 PM

Cash for Collectibles gets Many People Trough the door. Many of these people are Scammers and Drug Addicts. A scammer will come in with a virtually worthless item such as a Princess Dianna Beanie Baby and DEMAND that we Hand over to them $100,000.00 just because they "believe" that the item is valuable. Drug addicts will pull garbage out of a dumpster and try to get Cash for Collectibles to give them $10-$20 for their next fix.

When these people are shown proof online that the item in question is worthless these people sometimes become belligerent or even violent. These people then try to get physical or write a bad review of Cash for Collectibles in "revenge."

Most 'reasonable' people understand that We can not pay someone $100 for an item that can only be sold for $5. No company that wanted to stay in business could possibly throw away money like that all day. However, when someone brings us in a killer comic book that we can sell for $2,000.00 we can many times give them as much as $1,200.00 - $1,400.00 and still make a little profit.

The truth of the matter is that Cash for Collectibles Pays in Cash the Most Fair Price than any other Pawn Shop or Collectibles dealer in Las Vegas. Cash for Collectibles Pays around 50-80% of the current retail price of the item. Most pawn shop and collectibles shops only pay 10-20% of retail.

We suggest you take your valuable comic books or collectibles to a comic book shop or collectibles store and get an offer. Then take the same items to Cash for Collectibles. See for yourself which offer is higher and more fair.Click this text to start editing. This block is a good way to divide sections of your page and add some color to your design. Double-click the image to change the background image. The transparent overlay color can also be changed from the "Settings" icon at the top of the block.

What Happened to the Value of Collectibles?

Frank: Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 6:59 AM

Why Are So Many Collectibles Not Worth Much These Days?

There are many factors that affect the value of collectibles. In the last few years several entire categories of collectibles have lost nearly all of their value. One of the main factors that have caused the value of a lot of collectibles to plummet in value is directly related to the Events of 2008.

Prior to the housing market crash of 2008 many people were throwing money away buying and hoarding art, gold, collectibles, sports memorabilia, and much more. Once the Housing market crashed and gold plummeted in value People have lost faith in virtually anything retaining value.

I guess people came to the conclusion that if Houses and Gold can not hold their value than Nothing can. 

Are Old Cast Iron Toys Worth Much?

Frank: Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 12:57 PM

Old Antique cast iron toys can be worth anywhere from $20 up to Several Thousand Dollars Each depending on the Style, Manufacturer, color and condition. Some colors were more rare than others and so are worth more money than others. The Most Important thing with collectibles though is Condition. Condition of Collectibles is everything!

There is, however, a major problem with cast iron toys these days. In the last 10+ years China has been mass producing fakes that are purposely made to look like old antiques. These Fakes are being sold in flea markets all over the US. Many people then try to pass them off as real ones. This type of activity is totally discouraging many real collectors and now prices for the real ones are plummeting. This is because collecting Cast Iron Antique toys is no longer fun for collectors. The fun is taken out of collecting when con-artists and scammers flood the market with millions of fakes that look very close to the real ones. Currently there Far more fakes on the market being passed off as real ones than there are actual real die cast antique toys.

Counterfeiting collectibles seems to always ruin a collectible market. So beware when buying Antique Cast Iron Toys. Just assume that 95% or more of the ones being sold out there are fake, counterfeit items.

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