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Providing Reliable Junk Removal Services

Estate and Home Clean Outs and Junk Removals

When you need help clearing out your property, contact LVL Auctions in Las Vegas, Nevada. We do estate and home cleanouts, as well as junk and item removals, sometimes for free.

Many times, we are called to a home when a family member has passed, and the rest of the family needs to clear out the home ASAP. We know you have to get back to your own life and job. The longer you stay away from work or business, the more money you lose. Allow us to take care of the problem.

You don't need to pay someone to take your valuable collectibles! Many times, older estates have valuable collectibles mixed in with the junk. Your average junk removal company will charge you big money for the trash removal and then sell us the collectibles they took for even more cash in their pocket.

Also, don't put the items in storage! The longer the items stay in storage, the more it costs you. In addition, the more the items may get damaged, the more the tendency that they drop in value. Or worst, your storage unit may get broken into, and all the items may get stolen, which is very common in Las Vegas.

Do you have a lot of collectible items mixed in with the junk? We can remove all items in your estate, rather than charge you big money for removal like what other "junk removal" companies do. We can use your valuable collectibles to pay for most or all of the "junk" removal.

If you have more valuable items than "junk," we can remove all the junk for free and even pay you cash on top for the good items that we can later re-sell.

Here is a short list of some of the collectibles that we are looking for.

  • Vintage Comic Books
  • Silver US Coins and Bullion
  • Barbie Dolls, Monster High Dolls, and Most Other Brands of Dolls (Still in Original Boxes)
  • Die-Cast Cars, Air Planes, Military Vehicles, Trucks, Toys, etc.
  • Hot Wheels, Matchbox, NASCAR, NHRA, Muscle Machines, etc.
  • Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, etc.
  • Action Figures, GI Joe, Superheroes (Marvel and DC), etc.
  • Vintage Toys, New Toys Still in Original Packages and Boxes
  • Weapons, Guns, Knives, Bayonets, Martial Arts, Military Items
  • Crystal and Porcelain Figurines, Swarovski, Lalique, Lladro, Dresden, Hummel
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