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Watch Our YouTube Videos

Check Out Our YouTube Videos

At Cash for Collectibles in Las Vegas, Nevada, we pay cash for large collections of any type of collectibles. We then sell the items at online auctions. Feel free to watch the videos below to get a better idea of what we do and then some.

Cash for Collectibles Seeks Hoarders

We are looking for collection hoarders that are ready to sell! We pay cash on the spot for large collections. We will come out to you and haul it away!

Million Dollar Beanie Babies Giveaway! 

We gave away hundreds of Beanie Babies for Halloween at a local Christian school.

Cash Paid for Collection of Vintage Dolls

LVL Auctions pays cash for a collection 

of vintage dolls.

Cash Paid for Box of Comics

LVL Auctions pays for two boxes of comic books.


Some people try to trick us into paying big bucks for trash!

What Are Your Collectibles Worth - Part 1

We discuss how you can determine the true value of your collectibles based on today’s selling prices. 

What Are Your Collectibles Worth - Part 2 

We continue our discussion on how you can determine the value or your collectibles in today’s market based on real prices.

We Pay You Cash for Your Storage Units 

Older couple sells their storage Unit filled with Star Wars toys for $35,000 cash.

No Deal! We Can't Pay More for Your Collectibles Than They Are Worth

Sometimes a person in need of money thinks that the collectibles they have are worth way more than they actually are. We only pay based on real value - not imagined fantasy value.

$6,500.00 Vintage Toy Collection Deal 

LVL Auctions makes a deal to purchase an older gentleman's vintage toy collection that he has had for the past 40 years. .

Cash for Collectibles: Cherry Picked Collections 

We explain the difference in value between full collections and cherry picked collections.

Cash for Collectibles: Vintage Photos and Postcards 

Vintage and antique postcards and photos can worth money. We pay cash for old photos and postcards, and then sell them for profit.

Cash for Collectibles: Not Worth What You Think 

Paying cash for collectibles: Cabbage Patch Dolls and 1950s baseball cards.

Cash for Collectibles: Vintage Barbie Dolls or Modern? 

How to tell if you have vintage Barbie dolls or modern ones.

Cash for Collectibles: He-Man

Paying cash for all types of collectibles. In this case: He-Man and Micromachines

Cash for Collectibles: Jabba the Hutt 

Paying cash for collectibles. In this case: a Jabba the Hutt Statue

Cash for Collectibles: Barbie Dolls

Paying cash for just about any collectible items. In this case: a collection of about 100 Barbie dolls.

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